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feb 1, 2006: ...when, now and then, I recollect dialogues with Keith Geddes and Gaston Gonnet, I cannot help thinking over and over again about the symbolic computations evolution... nov 1980... an important date in the CAS history: the Maple project was conceived... almost 25 years ago, jan 1982, Maple 1.0 was released; the celebration is coming... what's funny, it looks like almost e a c h Maple function has bugs!... ok, pre-announcing unparalleled Maple bugs results never available before us... keep calculating Maple 10.02 bug list... new unusual bugs spring up... the beta 0.2 of the 1st world's man+machine based Maple review is coming... meanwhile, why don't consider enjoying the beta 0.1 Review at the Maple Crisis Review menu item to compare it with the 0.2 ?... read there about Maple 9.5.2 clay-solid numerics (aka ROCK-SOLID NUMERICS according to Maplesoft) and much more... new Encyclopaedia update is coming... welcome to www.cybertester.com updated soon !